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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring is just around the corner!

The snow is melting rapidly and the ducks are gathering in the bay by the Seagull dock where we have a patch of open water. Despite the efforts of our local beavers, water is rushing through the culvert under our road to the lake. With some warm weather, wind and rain; we will soon be looking at open water. I am hoping it comes this month!

A couple of return staffers, Shira and Chris will be arriving next week. The t-shirts have started coming in and we just delivered the new Sag Jon Boats to Seagull. By May 3rd, we will have 5 staff on board and you will see us busily working to get the business open and ready. After many months with no change on the webcam, you will see the daily progress of our efforts.

For anyone going into the Quetico or fishing the Canadian side of Saganaga this summer, you may get your fishing license in advance through the mail if you wish. This will get you through the Cache Bay Ranger Station faster and on your way to your favorite fishing holes. If you are interested, follow this link to learn all about the Ontario Fishing Licenses. . You may call them at 800-677-1940 and process your fishing license over the phone. They will then put it in the mail to you.

Don't forget about our monthly photo contest on our discussion board this year. This is the first month of the contest. Tom and Johnse have worked hard at it and we would love to have your participation.

There are lots of permits for both the Boundary Waters and Quetico left for the summer. Let us know how we can help plan your trip!