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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Changing Season at Seagull

Our last "self serve" paddlers of the 2011 season came off the water this morning.  Since we were away for the weekend, we made arrangements for them to grab the canoes off the pile and paddle away on Seagull.  It worked out quite well, although I will be anxious to talk to them as I am sure it was a chilly weekend without a fire.  There is still a fire ban in the Boundary Waters due to the Pagami Fire on the western side of the canoe country.  While we feel the pain of the forest fire for our outfitter friends on the Ely side, we are also happy that this fire was not knocking on our door.  In fact, NONE of the canoe routes we utilize experienced any fire damage.  That is a good thing!

It has been drizzling rain, sleet and a bit of snow on and off all afternoon.  It makes for a good day working inside near the fireplace.  One of my off season joys is relaxing in front of the fireplace and watching the birds.  We just put up the feeder yesterday and there are plenty of bluejays, nuthatches and chickadees around today enjoying a free lunch.

We are nearly closed  up at Seagull.  I am in the process this week of moving my summer office into our house.  It is a relaxing time of the season for us.  Dave is busy trying to finish the upstairs of the garage so that we can soon add a pool table. 

The Boundary Waters Permit Lottery System has been eliminated by the Forest Service.  We happily accept that change.  We can begin reserving Boundary Waters Permits on January 25, 2012 for the coming season.  That should allow all of you plenty of time to make your plans.  In addition, you can reserve your own permit at that time online at

We finished with a very strong 2011 season thanks to all of our loyal as well as new canoe trip and cabin customers this summer.  We are thinking about 2012 and will have our online cabin availability updated before Thanksgiving at .

I am soon taking a little break to meet my sister Lindy in DC along with my nephew Wylie.  Wylie works in DC and will be our tour guide.  It will be a huge change of both scenery and pace for me but one that I look forward to.  As much as I dearly love the Northwoods, I also love to see other parts of the US and world.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

2011 Paddling Season Is Coming to a Close

Dave just gave our last summer employee Jake a tow out to American Point with his Dad and brother this morning.  It was foggy, clear and 25 degrees!  They look kind of chilly but a warming trend is coming again with highs predicted in the 60-70 range.  Jake is Dave's "right hand" man with a radio on his hip and always there to help.  Dave relies heavily on him to get things done without supervision and Jake doesn't let him down!  We are hoping he returns for his 3rd season in 2012.

We had a great staff of young folks this summer and we couldn't offer the service and Seagull experience without them.  Most of them are back in college now and some out of college and looking for their next opportunity.  We are hoping to get some of them back to Seagull for the 2012 season.

Jake gave us a cd of some of his favorite summer photos that we will share with you all.
It reminds us why the canoe country is so special to you and ourselves as well and why we feel privileged to be here.