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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Time For A Peaceful Getaway

There is nothing better than walking down to the lake each morning to see a peaceful mirror reflection of the trees and rocks surrounding the bay. With the weather and the fish both cooperating, there is nothing better. There has also been a little black bear grazing the grasses around Seagull, just yesterday we were able to snap this picture of him eating some grass by the bunkhouse!

The warm weather is unusual at this time in May. The Seagull Lake water tempature has hit about 65 degrees! Something almost unheard of for this time of the year!

Many staff have been out swimming and fishing every night! Quite the adventurous crew, staying out until about 11PM each night fishing. The fish are biting though, so I can't blame them! Fishing has been unusual this year, the walleye, which are usually spawning in 8-12' of water and currently deep in the lakes! They are roaming around 35-50'! Many people have been making great catches trolling with Lindy Rigs, as well as the ever so simple slip bobber. Below was a walleye a cabin customer caught on Seagull just a few days ago!

Hope all is well elsewhere and that you can't wait to make your way up to the North Shore!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fishing Opener

The day we have all been waiting for has arrived! This weekend we've had quite a few groups out on the water all day working on catching dinner. The staff went out early in the morning to try their luck for a hour or two before work. The first day started out a litle slow but things are picking up and we are seeing the fish come in.

And to make it even better, with Opener came the beautiful weather. It has been sunny and warm here ever since and the forcast says that its going to stick aound for a while. The fire ban was also lifted thanks to the day of rain that we had before Opener. What perfect timing for all thoes who started their trips this week.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gunflint Green Up

The Gunflint Green Up was a success! A few staff, shown to the right, were thinning out the woody vegetation that had been growing around the little pine trees. By removing the woody vegetation, the little pines will be able to receive more sunshine and have their surrounding competition eliminated.

As the Gunflint Green Up festivities began Friday afternoon, so did the chilly weather! Though the light snowfall didn't cause a loss of interest in many, it was still very shocking to see snow as we arose! We received no snow on the Gunflint in March or April, but suddenly in May! Hopefully that was the last snowfall of the year, and according to the weather these past few days, I have a good feeling about that! It has been sunny and warm up here! Perfect for heading out onto the lake for an early paddle!

If you are lucky on that paddle, many moose have been on the move! A few staffers went out for a boat ride Saturday night and returned to a moose grazing the grounds in front of the store. They were able to sit and watch the moose for 15 minutes before leaving it to its peace.

Two of our paddlers embarked on the first journey of the year into Quetico just the other day! With fishing opener coming up this weekend, many parties will be on their way into the Great Lakes of the Minnesota Boundary Waters! Hopefully you are one of them, if not, we're taking reservations! Please call, we'd be happy to help you!