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Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Ice and Rhubarb is Popping

The snow is gone and we are left with lots of ice and a feel of winter in the air. While walking yesterday, the wind was howling and very chilly. The above photo was taken looking south out of our Seagull Bay. It looks inviting doesn't it?

On the other hand, the photo below shows my rhubarb sprouting through the raised bed garden down by the red house. I have never seen the rhubarb that early. I love my Mom's strawberry rhubarb pie recipe and will be baking a pie when the first stalks are ripe for picking.

How can you figure out the weather lately. One wonders when the ice will be out this year. Will it be early or will it be normal? I guess we will let Mother Nature take its course and watch with anticipation the ice breaking from the shoreline and turning honeycombed.

I found a few pussy willows today while out for a walk. I normally don't see them this early and don't take the time to enjoy them. That is one nice thing about our spring. I picked a couple cedar boughs as well and made a nice little centerpiece on the table inside. Much of my off season work revolves around the phone and email and keeps me inside more than I like some days. Therefore, a little bit of the Northwoods inside keeps me happy.

And now it is time to get some permits reserved and reservations confirmed!