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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

End of April at Seagull

Yesterday was a beautiful 55 degree day on Seagull.  It was one of those days that you wish you didn't have to work and could go paddling.  However, tis the time of the season to field your phone calls and get ready for opening.  So, we are here for you!  At least we have a great view eh?

The ice has been gone for over a month.  Since ice out, we have had a variety of snow, rain, sleet and wind.  Last week we lost 12 live trees on the property in the heavy winds.  We hate to lose those live trees.

We have 2 staffers arriving on April 27th to help Dave get the trees out of the way, docks in, canoes in their piles and boats/motors ready to go.  May 1 another return staffer Danielle drives in for the summer.  Danielle was a tow boat driver 2 summers ago as well as handling numerous other responsibilities.  We eagerly look forward to her return and can promise that you will all see more frequent updates to this blog and all the social media. Danielle and return staffer Katelyn  arriving May 10th will be sharing the tasks.  I will add my two cents now and then.  We have some friends coming May 1 to help get more outside work done and inside as well.  Teresa worked at Seagull about 10 years ago and has been a long time friend since then.  She and her husband Larry will be here May 1 to lend a hand. 

Despite an early spring, the water levels don't look too bad.  Quetico Park told me that they are expecting good moisture levels in May and June so that should help us out as well.  We like good water levels with lots of moisture.

A couple of weeks ago Seagull customer Todd submitted this photo he took in the Quetico Falls Chain to Orvis.  He was pleasantly surprised when he opened the Orvis blog and there was his photo!  Quite the laker on a fly rod!  Here is Todd's caption below his photo---He and his buddy Kyle are heading up the Falls Chain again in May. 

Attached is a picture that my friend Kyle took of me in Quetico Provencial Park in May 2010. If you are not familiar, QPP is a wilderness canoe camping area. The trip was especially meaningful for me, as I had been on the trip several times as a kid, even purchasing my first Clearwater Rod for my first trip. Now many years later, my friend and I were back in QPP for a six-night adventure. On our fourth night of the trip, I caught this 30-inch lake trout where we were camping, at the base of the falls behind me. The fish took a Black and Purple Beadhead Wooly Bugger I had tied myself. I was dead-drifting it through the wash at the bottom and the line when tight. There was that slight hesitation, and tension building, and then he took off. Next thing I knew, I was into my backing. It was a phenominal experience! It was truly the fish of a lifetime for me, and has us heading back to QPP again this year.

This photo was taken a week ago on is special country.  We look forward to your visit this summer.  Call or email with any questions!  And stay tuned to the webcam as we open our doors for season 26 at Seagull Outfitters and Cabins!