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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter at Seagull

Quiet, serene, peaceful and calm! It is a great winter and summer wonderland in the canoe country. And the night sky is magnificent. Last week with the cool crisp nights, the stars were out in all their brilliance. We can star gaze from the upper level of our house on Seagull. It is spectacular. You can do the same thing if you head north this winter. The Gunflint Trail festival called Winter Tracks happens this Feb 4-13, 2011. Drive north and enjoy the Gunflint Trail winter.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2 at Seagull

It is January 2 at Seagull and we are watching the last Vikings game of the season. The weather has turned cold and we had minus 1 degree this am. The pine grosbeaks are happily eating in the feeder on our deck. The lake photo is shot south from our deck. The sun gives the illusion of being warmer than it actually is and that is a good thing!
It is time to start thinking of hiring staff, going to gift shows and planning for 2011. With that in mind, I wanted to give you an update in regard to the permit reservations for both the Boundary Waters and Quetico. We are still submitting Boundary Waters Permits into the lottery through January 15th. We can submit BW permits online after the lottery on January 20th. The phone lines for Boundary Waters Permits open on February 1. The Quetico Park is working with a new reservation system after the fiasco last winter/summer. The Quetico Park says that the new office equipment has arrived in Atikokan, will be installed this week and then they will be trained. I would expect that we will be reserving Quetico Permits by mid January if not earlier.
Therefore, for those of you headed to the Quetico Park this summer, please try and call me this week so we can get what you need. The same is true for any Boundary Waters paddlers that have their dates already. Or, just fill out our online reservation form on our website at your leisure and we can take care of things that way.
My stepdad Gene is headed off on a 110 day world cruise this week. I would love to hop on that boat. Instead, I am here waiting for your calls!
For those solo boat/kayak paddlers, we have added the Wenonah Canak to our line this summer. It is a solo kevlar prism with the capacity of a canoe with bow and stern storage compartments yet the touring ability of a kayak. It should be a great watercraft for any solo paddler.
Happy New Year to All!