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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Northwoods Night Sky

Saturday night was a beautiful starry clear night at Seagull. We awoke at 4 am to see the northern lights dancing in the night sky. They were incredible. Dave and I put on our robes and stood out on the deck for a long time and watched them. We haven't seen a display like that in years. It was a real show. Just imagine what happens while we are all sleeping!

We are closed for the 2009 paddling season. It is time to take a break and regenerate. Stay tuned for some website changes. Check out the following 2 new pages that Johnse has added. and . I am fortunate to have him on staff in the off season assisting with web stuff. He and his wife Lauren recently had a baby boy. Stay tuned for more changes.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Indian Summer at Seagull

Today is September 13th and it feels like the middle of summer. We have had 75-85 degree days with lots of humidity. Some paddlers are happy while others are complaining of the hot weather. I am more of a 65 degree person and am ready for some fleece weather.

We are busy starting the close down process for 2009. Canoes are repaired and stored for winter, motors are checked and ready for 2010, boats are cleaned and turned over, the packing room is put to bed and the inventory begins. Most of our summer staff has left and we are down to 3 staffers, Dave and myself.

Life at Seagull slows down for us all and we are ready for a break. Stay tuned for more Seagull news as September moves along.