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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 is coming around the corner!

Greetings from Seagull,

We hope you all had a wonderful Holiday and wish you an even Happier New Year! 

It is time to start planning for 2012.  We can begin reserving Boundary Waters Permits on January 25, 2012 both online and on the phone.  If you know your trip plans and dates, please let us know and we will take care of things for you.  The Quetico Permits are available 5 months in advance of your trip departure date as always.  However, new this year you can also reserve your Quetico Permit online at .   You can still only reserve a permit 5 months in advance of your trip departure date, but what great news to be able to finally simplify the process.

It has been a warm November/December in the woods with less than normal snowfall.  However, the lakes are freezing over now and I keep reminding myself that winter is still young!  We do need the snow and moisture and it will come.

Johnse has been working on getting our Seagull website mobile friendly and changed the site navigation as well.  You should be able to find our site easily on any mobile device.  If you have any difficulties, please let us know so that we can fix the problem.

We will be updating 2012 rates shortly online.  Check back for those changes.

In addition, our 2012 cabin availability is current online.  Check the cabin navigation on our website for current openings for May-September.

As always, please email or call with any questions or trip ideas.  We are always here to help you and look forward to another great 2012!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Changing Season at Seagull

Our last "self serve" paddlers of the 2011 season came off the water this morning.  Since we were away for the weekend, we made arrangements for them to grab the canoes off the pile and paddle away on Seagull.  It worked out quite well, although I will be anxious to talk to them as I am sure it was a chilly weekend without a fire.  There is still a fire ban in the Boundary Waters due to the Pagami Fire on the western side of the canoe country.  While we feel the pain of the forest fire for our outfitter friends on the Ely side, we are also happy that this fire was not knocking on our door.  In fact, NONE of the canoe routes we utilize experienced any fire damage.  That is a good thing!

It has been drizzling rain, sleet and a bit of snow on and off all afternoon.  It makes for a good day working inside near the fireplace.  One of my off season joys is relaxing in front of the fireplace and watching the birds.  We just put up the feeder yesterday and there are plenty of bluejays, nuthatches and chickadees around today enjoying a free lunch.

We are nearly closed  up at Seagull.  I am in the process this week of moving my summer office into our house.  It is a relaxing time of the season for us.  Dave is busy trying to finish the upstairs of the garage so that we can soon add a pool table. 

The Boundary Waters Permit Lottery System has been eliminated by the Forest Service.  We happily accept that change.  We can begin reserving Boundary Waters Permits on January 25, 2012 for the coming season.  That should allow all of you plenty of time to make your plans.  In addition, you can reserve your own permit at that time online at

We finished with a very strong 2011 season thanks to all of our loyal as well as new canoe trip and cabin customers this summer.  We are thinking about 2012 and will have our online cabin availability updated before Thanksgiving at .

I am soon taking a little break to meet my sister Lindy in DC along with my nephew Wylie.  Wylie works in DC and will be our tour guide.  It will be a huge change of both scenery and pace for me but one that I look forward to.  As much as I dearly love the Northwoods, I also love to see other parts of the US and world.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

2011 Paddling Season Is Coming to a Close

Dave just gave our last summer employee Jake a tow out to American Point with his Dad and brother this morning.  It was foggy, clear and 25 degrees!  They look kind of chilly but a warming trend is coming again with highs predicted in the 60-70 range.  Jake is Dave's "right hand" man with a radio on his hip and always there to help.  Dave relies heavily on him to get things done without supervision and Jake doesn't let him down!  We are hoping he returns for his 3rd season in 2012.

We had a great staff of young folks this summer and we couldn't offer the service and Seagull experience without them.  Most of them are back in college now and some out of college and looking for their next opportunity.  We are hoping to get some of them back to Seagull for the 2012 season.

Jake gave us a cd of some of his favorite summer photos that we will share with you all.
It reminds us why the canoe country is so special to you and ourselves as well and why we feel privileged to be here. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Living with Forest Fire

The Pagami Fire out of the west side of the Boundary Waters in Ely impacts us all.  It has grown in size and depending on the day and the wind, we feel like it is nearing.   However, it remains quite a distance from us.  There is a huge crew of nearly 500 firefighters and support personnel from around the US on site working to contain the fire. We are still open and accessing many Gunflint Trail and Quetico entry points.  We are praying for rain to get a handle on it.  Follow this link for daily updates on the fire.

On the brighter side, here is an article from MPR talking about the benefit of the fire to the moose population that you might enjoy. 

Biologists say BWCA fire will help moose habitat
Published 03:00 p.m., Friday, September 16, 2011

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Count Minnesota's moose experts among those quietly celebrating the fire that has burned more than 160 square miles in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
Wildlife biologist Mike Schrage has taken many flights over the area of the Boundary Waters where the fire is burning while researching Minnesota's moose population. And he's noticed fewer moose there compared to other areas of northeastern Minnesota.
The fire— and the new forest growth that follows in the next few years — could change that, he said.
"As soon as I heard there was a fire up there, I thought — woo-hoo! I can't say that very loudly because there's people in Isabella who are quite inconvenienced by it, but I think moose will benefit from this fire," said Schrage, who works for the Fond du Lac Band's Resource Management Division.
In the coming years, it could also benefit the thousands of people visiting the Boundary Waters who hope to catch a glimpse of one.
Estimates by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources of northeastern Minnesota's moose population show a decline from about 8,000 moose during the middle of the last decade to less than 5,000 this year. Biologists are trying to figure out why. Parasites and stress from warmer temperatures are possibilities, and Schrage said a large-scale fire could kill some of the winter ticks that feed on moose and weaken them.
There has also been some concern about whether moose have adequate habitat. A group of conservation organizations have even proposed to start using money from the state's Legacy Amendment to restore moose habitat in northeastern Minnesota.
Moose like to eat new growth, such as tree saplings, so a fire clears out some of the older, woody trees and shrubs and allows new plants and trees to grow. There are even certain types of trees, including black spruce and jack pine, that need fire for their cones to open and scatter seeds.
Schrage said research across North America has indicated that moose numbers increase in areas where fires have caused new growth. And he's seen anecdotal evidence of that in the area that burned during the Ham Lake fire of 2007 and the Cavity Lake fire of 2006.
"I think slowly we're seeing some moose respond to those fires," he said.
How well suited the forest will be for moose will depend on how hot or how long a fire burned in an area. Steve Merchant, DNR wildlife programs manager, expects the land affected by the fire will be a mix of areas that don't burn and areas that burn a lot. That means that in a few years, moose will have both the new growth for food and the older areas where tall trees still stand and offer thermal cover during the winter and summer, he said.
"That interspersion is what really creates that ideal moose habitat," Merchant said.
The Boundary Waters, of which roughly 10 percent has burned in the fire, is home to a significant portion of Minnesota's moose population, Merchant said. Prescribed burns have taken place in the area over the years, but the total size of the areas burned in a given years is much less than the area burned by the Pagami Creek fire.
One thing biologists aren't worried about is losing moose in the fire. The animals are able to walk long distances and are good swimmers.
"They're going to run from the fire," said Ron Moen, a researcher at the Natural Resources Research Institute at the University of Minnesota-Duluth who monitors dozens of moose that have been fitted with radio collars and GPS units.
Moen said the closest moose he's monitoring is several miles away from the fire, and so far the research team hasn't detected any unusual movements. He said he'll be watching for moose to soon move into areas that weren't burned as severely.
"When these new trees come in, and shrubs and saplings, moose that are on the edge of that area will start moving into it. And then they'll gradually move further out as it grows and there are more moose around," he said.
Information from: Minnesota Public Radio News,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beautiful Days in the BWCA

Fall is fast approaching. The colors are starting to change, the days are getting cooler and the bugs are going away. Its one of the best times to be in the BWCA.  If your looking for a great get away now is the time to visit. The crowds are down and the fishing is starting to pick up again. Soon the fall colors will be in full swing giving you great morning sunrises and sunsets. Here are some amazing pictures of the sunsets on a couple different lakes. Thanks to Brian and Geoff for sending us these.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Late August on Seagull

It is kids' week at Seagull.  Lots of  families are fitting in their last trip of the summer before school starts.  Levi in the photo above was busy catching crayfish at the dock last night.  One pinched his finger so he was out diligently this morning on the dock with his glove on hunting again. 

The mornings have been cool and crisp. It is 70 degrees at the moment.  This morning Seagull Lake was like a mirror and paddlers had a great start to their trip as a result.  In addition, the starry night sky has been incredible.  Think about one last journey to the Northwoods before you get too busy. 

We have started our reduced fall hours now and are open from 7am to 5pm daily.  Some of our summer staff has gone back to college.  We will be open for rentals through the month of September so there is still time!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lakers on Seagull

Some real nice Lake Trout are being pulled out of Seagull and Saganaga. One of the best ways to find them is to troll. Use about 2oz of weight with about a 3'-6' leader and a silver spoon. They are in 80' of water suspended about 50'-60' of water. So you want to set if for 35'-50' of water because they will come up to bite it. Once you find them you can jig for them with either a spoon or a jig head with a minnow.

If your looking to catch some Walleyes you need to start going deeper now. They're sitting in about 18'-25' of water. Just like always a basic slip bobber and leech is the way to go. You can also try trolling for them with a crawler harness and a worm/night crawler. Bass have been hitting mostly when you are fishing for Walleye. This a great fish to target if you are bringing the kids or just want to have some fun catching fish. When it comes to Pike there hasn't been to much news. But I'm sure if you throw something shiny near some weeds you'll pick up a few.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Family Bonding at Seagull Outfitters

The Northwoods is a great place to make everlasting memories. August is a perfect time to embark into the Boundary Waters. The waters perfect for swimming, the fishing's great, and the temperature is ideal! Many customers have been taking advantage of this by bringing their children on their 1st or 21st trip together. The Northwoods is a perfect time for you to teach your child life lessons and allow them to teach you a few things as well. Overall, the bonding is the most prominent part to parent/child trip into the Northwoods. The memories will last a lifetime and you will create a bond that cannot be broken.

Book your trip before the kids head back to school... it's never too late at Seagull Outfitters! Check out our special interest packages on our website at for more details on Father/Daughter, Father/Son, Mother/Son, or Mother/Daughter packages. Let us know how we can assist you in making the trip of a lifetime with a new paddling partner.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

August Rush

August is a very busy time in the canoe country and at Seagull Outfitters. We were busy in the first few days counting canoes on our charts to make sure we had all of our parties accounted for! The busy start still continues!... We have had many large parties entering the water and coming off in the past few days. The picture below shows our parking lot in the prime time of the season... packed!! We had to use overflow parking at our main store location. This pictures shows vehicles from all over the map-- California to Texas to Maryland to Scotland!
There is still plenty of time to fit in a late August or Septemeber trip! Don't miss your chance to book a Fall Colors Trip. Follow onto our website at for a Completely Outfitted Fall Color trip anywhere in the Boundary Waters! We hope to hear from you!!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Very Berry Time!

It is once again berry season in the Northwoods! The raspberries and blueberries have hit their peak. Many of our customers are finding mass amounts of berries on portage trails, behind campsites, and on hiking trails. With two recent fires in the area, the Cavity Lake fire of 2006 and the Ham Lake of 2007, the nutrients are rich and helping to blossom the bushes. Go claim your secret spot before someone steals it! Feel free to share your spot with me :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cherry Lake Snapping Turtle

Many of our customers visit the beautiful Cherry Lake. A favored spot on the lake for many is the campsite right in the narrows. This campsite offers great tent spots, perfect swimming spots, and great fishing right from camp. However, it is not only humans favorite spot, it is also "Charlene" or "Jimmy" the snapping turtles favorite spot. Back to back days we had parties off the water saying they saw this huge snapping turtle in Cherry Lake that kept roaming the waters around the campsite. One party named the turtle "Charlene" and the other "Jimmy."

Parties that camped there before them must also have had problems with "Charlene/Jimmy" as well because they explained someone had built a big livewell for the fish they caught and the snapper would roam around it from side to side trying to figure out how to get in. One party fed the turtle some sausage and it happily came close to them and ate the whole thing.

In the cold winters the Boundary Waters endures, these snapping turtles go deep down into the leaves and mud at the bottom of a lake and let themselves get cold. Their bodies get so cold that everything slows down and they no longer need to eat. Their heart slows down to beating once every few minutes. Because their bodies are running at such a slow speed, they do not need hardly any oxygen and they stop breathing through their lungs. They get the small amount of oxygen they need through water. It sinks in through some specialized skin cells that are just inside the tail opening. Snapping turtles can live like this for months.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The Gunflint Trail Canoe Races were held this past Wednesday benefitting the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department.

The cream puff eating contest was just one of the many highlights of the event. We had two staffers compete in the eating contest, and both of them came home with the title! Here are a few pictures of the champs; Katelyn and Ben :)

The races were a great success benefitting a great cause! Thank you once again to the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department for all you do!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Everyone Can Paddle the Boundary Waters

If there's a will, there's a way! If you ever doubt your abilities in the Boundary Waters, just remember anyone can do it. Slow and steady wins the race. We suggested to Pedro and his two sons that they would benefit from doing a base camp on Seagull Lake instead of portaging down into Ham Lake and Cross Bay. However, they knew they were capable and were willing to give it a try. The report we heard back post trip was that they had a great time and just took the portages nice and slow. Pedro joked when he got back about what kind of bets we were making about his family in the woods. The will power of a family bonding trip could not be broken by a broken leg. So, don't ever have doubts that you can't do a trip because of unforeseen circumstances, it can be done!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

More walleyes are being pulled out of Seagull. Even with the sunny skies and the warm weather walleyes can still be found. Once again a slip bobber and a leech have been the ticket. If you are going for walleyes and are catching bass, the general rule of thumb is to go 6' deeper. There have also been some nice bass coming out recently. A 20.5" was taken out on the 14th on a chartreuse jig head and a leech. Not to many reports of pike being caught. The ones that have been are usually caught while trolling with some kind of crank bait. Some really nice lakers are coming from Saganaga Lake. They have been suspended at 50'-60' in 80' of water. The lure of choice have been taildancers and silver spoons.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Customer Appreciation

Jeff from Chicago was just up here staying in our Red House Cabin for a week. He put this card together and sent it up. This is a brief glance at the great week he had in terms of fishing, wildlife, and scenery. He was able to capture some amazing moments. He has been a customer of Seagull Outfitters for over 20 years now! We appreciate his business immensely and hope to see him for another 20 years!
This could be you! Become a frequent customer of ours by filling an opening this summer. We currently have a special package price going on in our Little Sag Cabin. This cabin is available July 16-22 for $199/Night with your choice of a 16' Lund boat with 25HP motor or canoe. It is a great time to head north and fish for walleye and smallmouth bass. Check out our Little Sag at the provided link above!

We hope to hear from you in 2011!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Walleyes on Seagull

Some really nice walleyes are being pulled out of Seagull. This 27" and a 26" have come out in the last 3 days. Along with the bigger ones, some 15"-20" have also been pulled out. Of course these are the sizes people like for good eating. The classic slip bobber and a leech are still the ticket for catching walleyes. A few lake trout have been pulled out while trolling. They are getting a bit deeper so you will have to do a little work trying to find them. The bass are still hanging around and most people catch them while looking for walleyes. Pike are pretty much the same. Throw something shinny at them and you'll probably find one on the end of your line. Some really nice ones have been caught while trolling in deeper water.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fishing Licenses

The Minnesota state offices may close down on July 1st due to budget issues. If this occurs, it will not be possible to purchase fishing licenses for an unknown period of time. In order to avoid any issues with this, we recommend that any licenses be purchased on or before June, 30th. You can take care of this online at

We will update the blog as soon as we know more about the licensing situation.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Fishing Report

The bass are just getting off of their beds but are still as aggressive as ever. They are loving the top waters right now and are giving great aerobatic shows. Pike are pike hitting anything that comes near them. Try top waters if you want to see some big pike get air. The lake trout are moving deeper and are becoming more elusive. Trolling in about 40'-50' of water with spoons has been the main focus for most. On the brighter side the walleyes are starting to pick up after the crazy weather that we've been having. Jigging with leeches and also using your standard slip bobber with a leech have been the ticket for most.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The weather hasn't been exactly ideal in the Northwoods this week. Sure we could grumble, but instead of dwelling on the rainy days, we will take a moment to point out some of the positives that come with the rain. Here are the Top 10.

1. Water levels are excellent on lakes throughout the BWCAW.

2. Mosquitoes are kept at bay during rain showers.

3. If you have made your way up the Gungflint Trail this summer, you will have nocticed how green it is.

4. You will actually be able to use the raingear you always pack. No rain gear? Well, at least a lesson was learned.

5. For you blueberry lovers out there, conditions are looking great for an excellent blueberry crop in July and August.
6. Chances of getting sunburn are slim to none.

7. There is no need to take a shower during your canoe trip.

8. Due to a wet Spring and recent rains, the forest fire risk is low- definitely something to appreciate after several fires in the area in recent years.

9. The rain can be a great excuse to stay in your tent or cabin and actually relax on your vacation. Catch up on some reading, play a game of cards, or just enjoy the company of those you are with.

10. Last, but certainly not least, we wouldn't be able to truly appreciate the sunny days in the forecast for this weekend without a few rainy ones every now and then.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last Minute Openings

This week has been very busy at Seagull! We had 125 guests come through today alone! However, this much appreciated chaos slows down at the end of the week as the fourth of July approaches. There are still many available overnight paddling permits for both Seagull Lake, Saganaga Lake and many surrounding Boundary Waters entrances.

In addition to canoeing on Seagull and Saganaga, we had a complete turnover of cabins this past weekend as well as this upcoming weekend. Starting the 25th of this month we have two cabins opening up and would love to fill them. Our Alpine Cabin on Seagull is open the 25-29th and we are happy to rent this cabin out for two people with boat and motor included for $199/Night. Our Big Sag Cabin on Saganaga is available the 25-27th and we would be happy to rent this as well for $299/Night. This quote is the two person rate and also includes a 16' Lund with a 25HP motor. The fishing has been great on Sag, don't let this opportunity slip away!

The above photo was shot on a calm, cool morning on Seagull just last week. Great shot, Jeff! This is what you can wake up to in the beautiful Northwoods. We hope to hear from you!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

They're Flocking in Packs

The crowds, the fish, and the wildlife have been coming in schools! Since the school year has come to end, we've seen many families and bigger groups travelling North! We've had multiple parties entering into the Boundary Waters and Quetico. The following picture shows a party that showed up in a bus. They definitely didn't have any problems fitting all their gear in there!

Along with the crowds that have been coming through... the fish and wildlife have been flocking in large number as well. It is an ideal time to be fishing for both bass and walleye. We've had many great fishing reports from trips into Seagull, Saganaga and surrounding lakes.

The moose are also on the move. We had a couple employees that headed down to Grand Marais for groceries this morning and were fortunate enough to see six moose on the trail! Hope you have the same luck on your way up! We hope to see you this summer!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Bass are Bedding

Fishing is really looking good here on Seagull. The bass are sitting on their beds and are hitting anything that comes near them. If your looking for some fun fishing, now is the time. The bass are taking to top waters and giving great aerobatic shows. Walleyes are now starting to be pulled out in decent numbers. Just a simple slip bobber and a leech have been the key to finding them. Pike are still going strong but not as many reports due to people mostly targeting bass and walleyes. No real news of lakers for the same reason.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fishing Report

The bass are really starting to hit hard. They are mostly in the shallows hiding under downed trees. Panther Martins and Mepps with a small screwtail on the hook have been the lure of choice. Rapala's, Lindy rigs with a leech and top water poppers have also been doing very well for others. It's looking like the Walleyes are also starting to become more active. A simple slip bobber with a leech have been working the best a few feet of the bottom. A few have had some luck trolling with Rapala's. A couple of Lakers have been pulled out near the palisades, but no news of what they were using for bait. The Pike are still as ferocious as ever. If you have something shiny in your tackle box you will do just fine catching them.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Big Fish in Seagull Lake

Big Walleyes are being caught here on Seagull. A 30.5" Walleye was pulled out by 10 year old Ben the other day off of a Lindy Rig and and leech. It weighed just over 9lbs. Others have been catching them on similar setups, along with different color Rapalas. A few full stringers came out over near where Alpine flows into Seagull. No new news of Lake trout on Seagull but some 7lbs. plus came out near Red Rock using jigs and minnows. Bass are becoming very active along shallow banks. Leech's, minnows and Rapalas should be in your tackle box if looking for them. Pike are still the norm hitting anything shinny that they see.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Woods are Greening Up

It took a while for the weather to feel like it was Spring, but by the looks of it, it is official. Everything has greened up increasingly with the warm weather and rain we had at the end of last week. There is a nice to layer of greens sprouting up. Hoping this means another great blueberry crop! As long as the bears don't find all the berries first, I think it's safe to say we'll be able to find plenty.

The wildlife are definitely on the move. There have been sightings of a few bear south of Seagull Lake about 20 minutes and of course the frequent mama moose and baby moose just north of Seagull a mile or two.

The Chik Wauk Museum reopens for the season starting this Saturday (May 28.) The museum is open daily 10-5 through Mid-October. Admission is $2 for an individual and $5 for a family. Don't miss your opportunity to browse through the history of the long lived Gunflint Trail.

The season is still early, it's not too late to call and reserve today! We look forward to hearing from you!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

First fishing report of the year!

Fishing on Seagull has picked up immensely after a slow start. Lake Trout have been the main target for people since they are close to the surface this time of year. There have been many lakers pulled out in the last few days. The best tackle has been a black and silver Rapala of various sizes. They have been caught between the surface and 15ft trolling slowly near shore or though the narrows on the northern part of Seagull. A few good size Walleye have been caught doing the same thing but between 3 and 30ft of water. Bass haven't been hitting due to the cold water. Northern Pike are hitting on just about everything but mainly Rapala's, buzz baits and spinners.

Good Luck!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Somewhere over the Rainbow....

The ice went out of our Seagull Bay today, April 30. We had alot of wind and rain today and the lake looking south through the narrows is looking sloppy. For a moment, the sun peeked through the clouds with the beautiful rainbow above. The open water is looking very inviting.

Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29th Seagull Ice

Spring is coming and the ice out contest will soon be over! Photos just taken 10 minutes ago today! Deb

Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25th at Seagull

I thought I would tease you all with some open water. These shots were taken on the walk to the mailbox today. It is GREAT to see open water. It is 60 degrees here in the woods today.

This gives you a whole different perspective than the webcam shot. I suspect many of you will get excited seeing these that you are still in the photo contest!


Friday, April 22, 2011

An early morning visitor at Seagull this morning. I was enjoying my morning cup of java while overlooking the bay this morning. Two wolves came through the narrows and walked over to the store, stepped on the dock and walked onto the shore. I walk over there everyday to the mailbox and think I will drive today. We are sharing these woods with many others!

The ducks are returning to the open water in the narrows and by the dock. There is open water surrounding the perimeter of the bay and things are starting to melt again. You can see by the photo what the ice looks like in the middle of the bay.

There were actually 4 wolves that were on the south side of the narrows this morning. Two of them went north to our store and the other 2 went east. Fox walking on the ice is an everyday occurrence here.

We are anxious for open water, wildflowers, customers, staff arriving and the tug of a walleye!


Friday, April 8, 2011

60 Degrees in the Woods Today

The melt is coming! We had 60 degrees and sunshine on Seagull today. We had significant snowmelt and snowbanks are vanishing. The pond behind the store is looking dark and the water is moving through the culvert. This should help to get the thaw going and spring on the way! Stay tuned! Deb

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring IS Coming

I think we can imagine ourselves paddling this canoe right about now. This photo was emailed to me by Seagull customers Ann and Steve. This is a "fog" shot on Ottertrack Lake. They are currently preparing for their 101 day canoe trip. Can you imagine that? How many of you would want to spend 101 days out in the woods? Or better yet, how many could afford the time to do so.
Temperatures have moderated and maybe this long cold winter is coming to a close. It has been a tough winter for everyone around the country. Maybe it is time for you all to enter the March Photo Contest on the Discussion Forum from the home page of our website. This month the photo theme is "Wildlife". Or, think about entering the Ice Out contest on the discussion board. The winner gets a $100 credit towards canoe rental or a cabin vacation at Seagull Outfitters. You can watch the winter ice disappear from the webcam shot on the home page.
Rental cabins are filling fast. We have changed our marketing for our cabins to accommodate shorter stays. You can also come and go any day of the week. You will find our current availability online on the website under the cabin site navigation.
Canoe trips are booking well too and we think it will be a great paddling season ahead. We are enjoying a little down time fishing in south Florida waiting for the snow to melt! Please email or call with any questions about your trip this summer.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter at Seagull

Quiet, serene, peaceful and calm! It is a great winter and summer wonderland in the canoe country. And the night sky is magnificent. Last week with the cool crisp nights, the stars were out in all their brilliance. We can star gaze from the upper level of our house on Seagull. It is spectacular. You can do the same thing if you head north this winter. The Gunflint Trail festival called Winter Tracks happens this Feb 4-13, 2011. Drive north and enjoy the Gunflint Trail winter.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2 at Seagull

It is January 2 at Seagull and we are watching the last Vikings game of the season. The weather has turned cold and we had minus 1 degree this am. The pine grosbeaks are happily eating in the feeder on our deck. The lake photo is shot south from our deck. The sun gives the illusion of being warmer than it actually is and that is a good thing!
It is time to start thinking of hiring staff, going to gift shows and planning for 2011. With that in mind, I wanted to give you an update in regard to the permit reservations for both the Boundary Waters and Quetico. We are still submitting Boundary Waters Permits into the lottery through January 15th. We can submit BW permits online after the lottery on January 20th. The phone lines for Boundary Waters Permits open on February 1. The Quetico Park is working with a new reservation system after the fiasco last winter/summer. The Quetico Park says that the new office equipment has arrived in Atikokan, will be installed this week and then they will be trained. I would expect that we will be reserving Quetico Permits by mid January if not earlier.
Therefore, for those of you headed to the Quetico Park this summer, please try and call me this week so we can get what you need. The same is true for any Boundary Waters paddlers that have their dates already. Or, just fill out our online reservation form on our website at your leisure and we can take care of things that way.
My stepdad Gene is headed off on a 110 day world cruise this week. I would love to hop on that boat. Instead, I am here waiting for your calls!
For those solo boat/kayak paddlers, we have added the Wenonah Canak to our line this summer. It is a solo kevlar prism with the capacity of a canoe with bow and stern storage compartments yet the touring ability of a kayak. It should be a great watercraft for any solo paddler.
Happy New Year to All!