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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Change of Fall

A number of things begin to change as fall approaches... staff begins to dwindle, the colors of the leaves are slowly beginning to change, and the cool weather begins to approach as time passes.

We have had three staffers leave so far and three more heading back to school in the next four days. Suddenly the staff is cut in half and we begin to realize that we have made it over the big hump of the summer. The cool, calm September weather is all we have left. With the cool weather comes a change of color in the surrounding scenery.

We have had quite a few customers off the Falls Chain in Quetico Park and reporting back with spectacular fishing. They stated to me they got to the point where they were even debating whether they wanted to go back on the water fishing again because they were catching so frequently! They gave us their little secret... Berkeley Flicker Shad Raps in Perch color and Red Tiger. Walleye and Bass are flucuating in water levels of 15'-23'. The Boundary Waters have not been as consistent but still have had good reports!

Many of our used Kevlar, Royalex, and Aluminum canoes are making their way to our For Sale pile, make sure you check out our used canoes that we have available on our website at:

Thanks for making this another great season!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Portage the Metro

Keep your eyes peeled for the Gunflint Trail Street Team. The following are times and locations you may be able to spot them!

Week of August 16th:

If you're in the uptown Minneapolis area tomorrow (Wednesday) between 4 and 7PM look for a big red canoe being portaged by the "Send your Friends Packing" street team! They are giving away Gunflint Trail Mix, and the Gunflint Trail is giving away two amazing trips. Check out our new website, send your friend packing and get yourself a little getaway!

To celebrate the launch of the Gunflint Trail's new website, send your friend packing! If you know someone who deserves a trip to one of the most beautiful, most pristine places on earth, then sign them up to win a trip to the Gunflint Trail, and Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Tell us why you think they deserve it, and they could have a chance to win a fully outfitted trip, for three days, two nights.

Today, the Gunflint Trail Street Team will be at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market on Nicollet Mall from 10:30AM-2PM. Register a friend who deserves a trip of a lifetime to the Boundary Waters or, register yourself for a little getaway!

Do your part to get involved! Stay tuned for more!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Mark Your Calendars

The Northwoods has been quite busy the past few weeks! With the peak of the canoe season in progress, things begin to slow down! In about a week and a half, the canoe country will quiet down dramatically as children are heading back to school and work is transitioning seasonal workers. Don't forget to try and squeeze a last minute trip in as there are still permits and cabin openings available.

Some dates to remember through Seagull Outfitters:

Last Cabin Rental-September 20

Last Bunkhouse night-September 26

Last Tow across Sag-October 1

If you have already visited Seagull for the last time this year, we hope to see you next year! If not, we look forward to your future stories and memories still to be made! All customers of Seagull, remember we just uploaded a new Trip Reports section on our web page! Tell us, fellow, and future paddler's your stories!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Big Parties, Big Memories

August is well on its way and flying by! Many parties are trying to sneak a last trip or two in before summer comes to an abrupt end. In the past few days we've had parties come off the water with such good reports that they have booked another trip for three weeks from now.

The weather has been perfect-- mid-70's as a high and mid-40's at night. No better paddling and sleeping weather. The population that comes through Seagull must agree with that as we had 38 people in our bunkhouse last night and 89 people are either starting their trip or ending it through Seagull today.

The group have been big groups, with 6-18 people each. We have had a few Boy Scouts Troops and a big group of 18 who took out four of our catamaran canoes. A picture of all the young children is posted below.

Aside from the big groups, the berries are still ripe and the fishing is beginning to pick up once again! Walleye are being found in 12-17' of waters and being caught with crawlers and leeches.

Summer is winding down, don't let that stop you from booking a last minute trip... we'd be happy to help!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oh Boy, the Bass are Bitin'

The fishing has been a little hot and cold this year... as always. It has definitely picked up in the past month. The walleye definitely exist, but oh boy are the bass biting this year! Anywhere you throw a line, a bass will be there... They are averaging 5'-15' right now. You have great odds however deep you are set. Just the other week another staffer and myself went out with a five year old first time and boy was he loving it! I think we have a future fisherman on our hands. He first caught a Northern then about 8 bass in the next hour... though he lost a few of those, the smile was never wiped off his face. His Grandpa thought it would be great to be out witnessing that and that memory will definitely last with the both of them!

That is not the only time fishing has been hot. All locations... off the dock, campsites, deep water, and reefs. They have been heavy since the beginning of July and have stayed consistent throughout. These bass have been big as well. The bigger the fish, the bigger the fight. Is the fight of a bass worthwhile or are you stuck on walleye or pike? Might be time to add something new to the tackle box!

Good Luck!