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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy New Year!

Greetings from Seagull,

With the New Year approaching, it is time to get back to planning for the coming summer.  We have had a great and restful off season.

October was spent catching up from the endless days of summer.  Dave and I had planned a Far East vacation for November 2012,  so we were busy getting everything in line for summer 2013 marketing, rates and web changes before leaving for Sydney Australia on November 20th.  After a couple nights in Sydney, we hopped on a ship for 27 days ending in Hong Kong just recently.  We snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef and visited spots on the globe that I could only dream of...Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong.  It was truly a memorable trip which leaves me with images and experiences of a lifetime.  It makes those long summer days worthwhile.  Katelyn took over the phone and email which really gave me a break.  Below are a few photos of the sights, sounds and smells that we experienced along the way....

We are ready to go for 2013....everything is current on the website including cabin availability. We are here to take your calls and emails daily as you start thinking about your summer plans.  We can help you make nearly anything become a reality!

A few details for you in regard to permits....Quetico Permits are still reservable 5 months in advance of your trip departure, June 15 trips can be reserved on January 15, etc.... Boundary Waters Permit Reservations open up on January 30, 2013.  We are happy to reserve your permits so best to get your plans in line soon.  Call or email if we can help you with anything.

NEW IN 2013....we have added another Kevlar canoe model to our fleet of rentals.  It is the Wenonah Champlain.  It is a larger version of the Kevlar Spirit 2, very stable and designed for larger loads...give it a try, we think you will like it. In addition, we have NEW tents coming in as well as NEW sleeping bags. 

We have started the staff hiring process for the summer.  If you know anyone that may be interested in working a summer in the Northwoods, send them our way.  As many of you know, Katelyn will be doing an internship this summer and working on her Master's Degree...she worked alongside me for 4 summers and will be missed.  That is one position we are looking to fill as well as the usual staffing needs of towboat operators, outfitting staff, store staff and cabin cleaners. 

We look forward to hearing from all of you and hope to see you back at Seagull this summer.  Happy New Year!



Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall is Winding Down at Seagull

We awoke this morning to 20 degrees on the thermometer and a light dusting of snow on the ground!  Burrrr....the transition from 70 degrees to this is way too sudden.  We have been enjoying some nice lazy October days.  Fortunately we were not caught off guard and have most of our outside chores done for the winter. 

I had been enjoying some nice quiet time working in my office at the store.  It is amazing how much one can get done when we are not open. 

Katelyn showed up last weekend and we hiked the Blueberry Hill Trail over at the Chik Wauk Museum.  It was raining lightly but made for a great view from the top.

I tend to immerse myself in Seagull in the summer and miss out on the opportunities outside our doorstep!  This hike should be on everyone's list for next summer.

Dave and I went to Grand Marais today as we start our Skype interviews for summer 2013.  We had the pleasure of using a friend's cabin in the woods and it made for a nice morning.  We hired one young man that will start work May 1.  More Skype interviews to come....

I am working on 2013 rates while Dave is busy designing some new canoe racks.

Open this hyperlink 2013 cabin openings and check out our availability for next summer.

More blog updates to come so stay tuned!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bittersweet Goodbye

I am writing this blog as a last chance for me to say thank you, goodbye and how great it was to meet all of you. Throughout my past four summers working at Seagull Outfitters I have met an abundance of faces and personalities that I could never forget. The outreach of customers I have had in the last couple weeks since I left Seagull Outfitters is incredible. My parents came up to Seagull a few days before I left to help me pack, take in a little more of the Northern solitude and to relax with Deb and Dave a few more nights. We had a blast eating burgers and playing darts. From there, I headed back to St. Cloud where I had a postcard waiting for me from a Seagull customer, Linda... and have received a couple since. Today, I was fortunate enough to get a call from long time Seagull customer, Jim, who was passing through Duluth. We were able to meet down at Grandma's restaurant and have a nice lunch. Prior to leaving Seagull I received endless support for my grad school endeavors and was reassured it would be worth it!... I hope reading over 100 pages each day is worth it! :) All of the support warms my heart and I look forward to crossing paths with many of you in the future.

I truly want to thank Deb and Dave for everything... mostly for putting up with me for four years!... For those of you that know me, that can be quite the difficult task!! The success of Seagull Outfitters became so evident to me after working so closely with each of them. They put their heart and souls into their business day in and day out... working from sun up to sun down. If I gained a small portion of their work ethic, organization, and drive, I know I too can be successful in grad school and beyond. I learned so much about how to run a successful business that I began to wonder what I was doing going to grad school for Exercise Physiology rather than Business Management. It will one day take an extremely special person to continue the success Deb has started. They are hands down my second parents and there are not enough words to thank them for all they have done for me! The two of them have been there for me endless nights and I appreciate it so much.

I miss Seagull Lake already but I guess living on Lake Superior for the next year will have to work. I already look forward to future visits up the Gunflint Trail and to one day tell my kids the great stories of the amazing friends and customers I met while working at Seagull Outfitters.

Such a bittersweeeeeet goodbye,


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Foliage

Yellowing leaves over at our Paddler's Lodge
The leaves are just starting to turn up here in the Northwoods! We're excited to watch the wilderness change its attire even though it means that things are starting to quiet down. As the season slows, our staff has been cut in half and we're missing all the kids that usually come through now that they're back in school! Katelyn, who just finished her fourth and final year as a Seagull staffer just started her graduate program in Exercise Science in Duluth. Three of our other staffers headed back to college last week as well, leaving just four of us. Although they'll be missed, we're loving the dropping temperatures and changing landscapes. It's a beautiful time of year to head out into the woods -- hardly any bugs, comfortable weather, and amazing scenery. We're making the most of the time we have left! Here's a picture from my camping trip last week:
Sunrise on Seagull Lake
With just over three weeks left in the season, you've still got a chance to make it up here for a quick fall getaway before the school year gets into full swing! Or, begin planning your vacation for next season. We've already begun to book cabins and canoe trips for 2013!

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you soon!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Moose Sighting at Seagull Outfitters

We are full speed ahead into August, our busiest month of the season!  As our parking lot is filling and our canoe piles are emptying, we try to take a moment out of each day to appreciate the wilderness around us.  Yesterday, as we were preparing for our morning tows, this cow and her small calf were crossing the Gunflint Trail in front of our store building on Seagull Lake... what a beautiful sight!  
A cow and her calf crossing the Gunflint Trail at 5:45 am.
The weather is great up here in the Northwoods, warm days and cool nights!  September is right around the corner so e-mail or call us today to book your last minute summer vacation in the Boundary Waters Wilderness.  There are still permits left for August and September for those of you who are interested in seeing the Boundary Waters in the fall... great fishing and a wonderful scenery await you.  If you're quiet enough you might even be able to see a moose or two for yourself!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer is Heating Up!

Summer is well on its way and we are quite busy. We have recently updated our canoe inventory by adding over fifteen new Kevlar and Aluminum canoes to our stock. They have no time to sit around in our piles as they are hitting the water right away. We are excited about the next few weeks as we have many large school groups, church groups, and families joining us. The more the merrier around here!

Deb with a few of her new Aluminum canoes

There is still plenty of time to make your 2012 Boundary Waters memory or plan for 2013. Let us be there to help you!... 


Saturday, July 14, 2012

It was a beautiful week here at the end of the Gunflint Trail!  Temperatures in the high seventies/eighties during the day with cool clear nights - great for star gazing.  The blueberry season is also in full swing.  Seagull staffer, Grant, went picking for a few hours on his day off and picked half a gallon.  He says there are still plenty of almost ripe blueberries for everyone else... so start picking!  There has been a handful of moose sightings near Seagull and the End of the Trail, a cow and her young calf like to hang out around Seagull Creek.  Yesterday, we had a visitor in the bay for most of the morning, I happened to get a few pictures before he dived back down for another fish; a beautiful young loon!

With the nicer weather we've been sending out more families with young kids.  This group was having a little too much fun getting their picture taken before sailing off on their Seagull trip!

And these young paddlers were all packed up and ready to be dropped off at Cross Bay to go camping on Ham Lake for a few days.

If you are looking for more adventure on your next canoe trip, check out Eddy Falls at the portage going from Eddy Lake into the South Arm of Knife.  By doing the Thunder Point Loop described on our website you can experience everything that the Boundary Waters Canoe Area has to offer and more!  Because of the amount of rain we had this spring the water levels are high... this makes for great water falls and wonderful swimming.  Wayne came back a few days ago from his trip and provided us with this picture of him sitting in Eddy Falls enjoying the high water and great weather!  You can check out Eddy Falls for yourself by going through either Seagull or Saganaga Lakes, we could even give you a head start tow boat launch on both to get your trip going in the right direction.

Our new webcam was installed yesterday with a wide-angle lens and a weather module so you can see exactly what is going on at our Seagull Canoe Outfitters base.  Check out our Facebook and Twitter for weekly updates and call us today to book your own paddling adventure with Seagull!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sunshine and Smiles

The month of June is ending up to be quite beautiful. The fish, the berries, and the weather. The month started out quite rainy and dreary. Which we enjoy in terms of moisture for our new trees, flowers, and berries!... However, our customer were coming off cold and wet... We made sure to have the coffee pots always running! But boy did all the rain change the scenery and berry crop. Since all of the rain, we've had nothing but beautiful sunny skies. Thanks to the combination of rain and sun I have been munching on ripe strawberries for about two weeks now and heard from a few customers that they were able to make a nice blueberry pancake breakfast atop the Seagull Palisades this morning.

Aside from the berries and weather, the fishing is starting to pick up. It seemed as though the fish were a bit confused with the crazy weather changes we've been having since March... I think they are getting straightened out now! Have received good reports on trail from a variety of lakes. I have been out on Seagull Lake a few times in the past week and have had some success. I caught the bass pictured to the left in about 6 feet of water on a slip bobber and leech and a nice 22' walleye last night fishing in about 20' of water with my bobber set at about 9'. Staffer, James, caught his nice 28' walleye pictured to the right on a plain jig with a leech about 12' down. All fish were caught and released for you pleasure of catching at a later point!

It's not too late to plan a trip! We're here 7-7 daily and are happy to help you!

Join our Facebook biweekly photo contest for your chance to win a free Seagull Cap and have your picture displayed in our store!


Friday, June 15, 2012

June Stories from the Trail

Moon, Loon, and Turtle
Photos Courtesy of Jeff Kudla
and the Marabouef Cabin
With the rain that we have had everything is green and beautiful! In fact, I just had my first strawberry of the season and am so excited for more! The water remains high for all of those heading to the falls as well as those heading for the creeks that are sometimes impassible. (Not this year!) But all that rain is old news... Today we are loving the sun and are enjoying a nice breeze.  These last two weeks have resulted in an abundance of stories from the trail. On June 4th we had a full moon. Everyone out on the lakes within the next few days had partially cloudy skies with a stunning view of moon illuminating the wilderness night views. If you've never been out paddling on a calm fully light night, it is an experience of a lifetime. Our next full moon is on July 3rd. Come join us for a Forth of July vacation and see it for yourself.

All of our animal friends have been out and visiting us this June! The loons cannot go unnoticed with their mating calls and are spectacular to fall asleep to at night. Nearly every paddler has watched the eagles peacefully soaring in the wind high above the trees. What a view it must be from up there! The closest we can get is a short hike to our favorite lookout points from the cliffs and Palisades on nearby lakes. If you are heading up later this summer, I suggest taking lunch on top of one of these spots. You can't beat it! All the painted turtles have also been poking their heads out, bathing in the warm sun...only if we could be out there every day joining them. We have a log floating in our bay that is always covered with a turtle family. It's our trick to get the staff smiling on their way to work. They are so cool to see each day! We were also treated with the visit from a Moose who walked by the Seagull Store a few days ago. You always forget how big they are until you get this close to them. The only thing that we have not had any reports of from our customers are the black bear. So far this year they have not had a presence in the campsites along our most popular routes. But that is one type of wildlife that we are happy are keeping to themselves!

The story of the week comes from the Irwin party returning from their trip in Quetico. Following an unfortunate wobble, a paddle drifted down a portion of  the Falls Chain not to be found. But that was not going to stop our friends! They crafted a piece of art out of dry wood, birch bark, and a small bendable branch. Despite the fact that it was built for performance, I find their hand built paddle worthy of being a wall hanger in a fancy lodge. They did not spare a single opportunity for perfection. The paddle even has a handle wrapped in cord for comfort. Wouldn't want to get any blisters now! We were all amazed. We only wish that we were that creative...

 For all those following our web cam...we know it is down right now. The replacement is on the way and is going to be constantly updating photos with even higher quality than our last web cam once it arrives. If you are completely distraught without your daily Seagull happenings or if you just think we are a cool crowd, come follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get your Gunflint Trail news fix...

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Thanks for reading about our highlights this month...we hope to see you all up here this summer!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Rain, rain...went away!

After many gloomy days of rain, we are finally getting the chance to enjoy the sunshine! But rain is more helpful than you might think! Water levels are nice and high, making for beautiful sights and sounds! Falls and rapids are sure moving faster than usual, adding to the already pristine scenery! Here is a picture of one of the waterfalls on the portage between Hanson and South Arm Knife Lakes! Sure breaks up the walk and can be a sight for sore eyes, especially when you're toting some heavy gear!    

Rain also helps out our flora and we are seeing lots of blooms!  Trees and flowers add and array of colors to the landscape!  We also have high hopes for our berry crop this year, already seeing the beginnings of buds on strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry bushes!  We can't wait until they are ready to pick and eat! 

It's been a great week in the BWCA, sure hoping this weather just keeps getting better!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fishing Opener

Fishing opener was a success for trout fishermen! Boy, oh boy! Trout are at an average of about 15' right now. Many people have told us stories how they were able to sit in camp and just watch them swim around near shore. A majority of the customers claim to have been using a variety of Sutton Spoons and Swedish Pimples. Bass and Northern have been active as well. We have heard a variety of tackle and live bait being used to catch both of these. Walleye, as always, enjoy making a challenge for everyone. They are biting, just not as frequently as we would all like! Matt's son managed to catch a beautiful walleye out on Saganaga!

With the early ice out this year and the warm temperatures we've had throughout the past few months we weren't sure exactly what to expect. Fishing always presents a variety of challenges to overcome... that's the glory of it!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

End of April at Seagull

Yesterday was a beautiful 55 degree day on Seagull.  It was one of those days that you wish you didn't have to work and could go paddling.  However, tis the time of the season to field your phone calls and get ready for opening.  So, we are here for you!  At least we have a great view eh?

The ice has been gone for over a month.  Since ice out, we have had a variety of snow, rain, sleet and wind.  Last week we lost 12 live trees on the property in the heavy winds.  We hate to lose those live trees.

We have 2 staffers arriving on April 27th to help Dave get the trees out of the way, docks in, canoes in their piles and boats/motors ready to go.  May 1 another return staffer Danielle drives in for the summer.  Danielle was a tow boat driver 2 summers ago as well as handling numerous other responsibilities.  We eagerly look forward to her return and can promise that you will all see more frequent updates to this blog and all the social media. Danielle and return staffer Katelyn  arriving May 10th will be sharing the tasks.  I will add my two cents now and then.  We have some friends coming May 1 to help get more outside work done and inside as well.  Teresa worked at Seagull about 10 years ago and has been a long time friend since then.  She and her husband Larry will be here May 1 to lend a hand. 

Despite an early spring, the water levels don't look too bad.  Quetico Park told me that they are expecting good moisture levels in May and June so that should help us out as well.  We like good water levels with lots of moisture.

A couple of weeks ago Seagull customer Todd submitted this photo he took in the Quetico Falls Chain to Orvis.  He was pleasantly surprised when he opened the Orvis blog and there was his photo!  Quite the laker on a fly rod!  Here is Todd's caption below his photo---He and his buddy Kyle are heading up the Falls Chain again in May. 

Attached is a picture that my friend Kyle took of me in Quetico Provencial Park in May 2010. If you are not familiar, QPP is a wilderness canoe camping area. The trip was especially meaningful for me, as I had been on the trip several times as a kid, even purchasing my first Clearwater Rod for my first trip. Now many years later, my friend and I were back in QPP for a six-night adventure. On our fourth night of the trip, I caught this 30-inch lake trout where we were camping, at the base of the falls behind me. The fish took a Black and Purple Beadhead Wooly Bugger I had tied myself. I was dead-drifting it through the wash at the bottom and the line when tight. There was that slight hesitation, and tension building, and then he took off. Next thing I knew, I was into my backing. It was a phenominal experience! It was truly the fish of a lifetime for me, and has us heading back to QPP again this year.

This photo was taken a week ago on is special country.  We look forward to your visit this summer.  Call or email with any questions!  And stay tuned to the webcam as we open our doors for season 26 at Seagull Outfitters and Cabins!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

February News from Seagull

What an unusual winter in the Northwoods!  We have had temperatures in the 20's, 30's and even 40's this winter.  We keep thinking the big snowfall will come and hoping it will.  It is really kind of nice.  However, we need the snowfall and moisture as always.  Maraboeuf Cabin below looks a little lonely!  

The office, phones and emails have been busy as many of you are already planning for 2012.  Early reports show a good season ahead.

We are happy to have 3 returning Seagull female staffers this summer.  It will make my life much easier on the inside for sure.  Alyssa was with us last summer in the store, transporting paddlers and working outside in the cleanup area.  Danielle was with us in 2010 and was a towboat driver, transported paddlers and did some office/store work.  And then there is Katelyn who will be with us for summer number 4.  Many of you know her at the other end of the phone line at Seagull or helping out in the store.  We are looking forward to having all 3 of them back with us.  I decided I better do something special this summer as I probably won't have such talent inside again for awhile.  I will keep you posted on what that something special will be!

MN fishing opener is May 12. Ontario (Quetico) fishing opener is May 19th.  We expect an early ice out this spring due to the mild winter.  The fish could be very active at opener for a change with some warmer water temperatures. 

You may now reserve a Quetico Park Permit online at .  You can also check permit availability there.  It is a great resource for all of us. We have gotten word from the Quetico Park that the Cache Bay Ranger Station may not have Ontario fishing licenses this season.  So, we are recommending that you purchase them in advance online at or by calling 1-800-288-1155.  Please allow 3 weeks to receive your license. 

I am off to Vermont for a long weekend this week to meet my sister and niece Maggie.  Maggie is finishing her senior year at Middlebury College and is on the ice hockey team.  We will have a family weekend full of hockey along with nephew Wylie coming from DC and niece Ella coming from Aspen. It should be a lot of fun.