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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The ice is rapidly melting in our Seagull Bay today. These photos were taken this afternoon. Notice the water rising where the dock meets the cribbing. For those that have been to Seagull, notice the boat ramp is nearing covered with water. Our Seagull Bay ice out contest will soon be over! Sadie is posing in the photo above taken with the ice in the background. Notice the honeycombed and dark ice. It won't be long folks!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's a Sunny Day at Seagull!

The ice out contest continues! Below is a photo taken facing south from our dock and you will notice we have ice close to the dock and beyond. The next photo faces north and will you notice no ice. I like the north photo as it looks like spring and fishing are right around the corner. I will continue to update photos every couple of days as the melt continues. More ducks are arriving daily. Most of all, we are really enjoying the warmer temperatures after a long cold winter up north. Dave, Sam and Drew are remodelling the store offices today. Deb

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A 50 degree day in the woods and life is good. The sun is shining and we have a bit of open water in the narrows. There are a few ducks that are hanging out in the open water waiting for the thaw.
The question of the day is "when will the ice be out?"
A tough question as none of us can predict the weather. I hear it should be warming this weekend so that could be good. We need a little rain to go along with it.
We have finally moved all of our belongings out of the old house and into the new house on the hill. What a project that has become. Thankfully we have a returning staffer Sam that is here helping us. We put boxes and goodies into piles and Sam delivers it to its respective spot...the new house, trash or recycling! I have about 10 more boxes to go through and feel pretty well unpacked.
Next comes getting the store ready for customers. Our first customers arrive on May 7th with a couple more parties coming in on May 8th. We will have 5 staff on at that time to give Dave and I much assistance.
We will continue to post new photos frequently as spring arrives on Seagull Lake and the end of the Gunflint Trail!