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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Back to work at Seagull

Our vacation to South America is over and it is back to work at Seagull. We flew into Buenos Aires, Argentina and enjoyed the culture, warm weather and tango. We hopped on a ship and cruised to Uruguay, the Falkland Islands, the south tip of Argentina and back through the Glaciers and Chilean Fjords to Valparaiso, Chile. The scenery was outstanding. We loved Argentina and Chile and really enjoyed the king penguins in the Falkland Islands. We had 30 hours on the ship that make any day in Cache Bay seem quiet. We left the Falkland Islands on a very windy late afternoon headed towards Cape Horn. The hurricane force winds got the best of us and for 30 hours we endured 90 foot waves coming over the 12th deck of the ship and 110 mph winds. The captain sent us to our staterooms and it was one of the longest nights of my life. I didn't sleep a wink and really thought this was it! The ship was creaking and groaning with huge vibrations when the back or front of the ship would come out of the water and slam back into the sea. Surprisingly, my blackberry email worked throughout the whole ordeal and I was emailing my family and friends my last wishes! We couldn't see the horizon for many hours on end. Dave being a navy man, was more accustomed to this than I. I was never so happy to see land. Despite the storm, we had a great trip. We spent a couple days in Santiago, Chile at the end of the trip and enjoyed wine tasting at a Chilean winery.
Now it is back to work at Seagull. We are back in the office and happy to take your calls. I will be posting again soon with some permit/reservation info.
We hope you all had a great Christmas with Family and Friends.