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Monday, August 6, 2012

Moose Sighting at Seagull Outfitters

We are full speed ahead into August, our busiest month of the season!  As our parking lot is filling and our canoe piles are emptying, we try to take a moment out of each day to appreciate the wilderness around us.  Yesterday, as we were preparing for our morning tows, this cow and her small calf were crossing the Gunflint Trail in front of our store building on Seagull Lake... what a beautiful sight!  
A cow and her calf crossing the Gunflint Trail at 5:45 am.
The weather is great up here in the Northwoods, warm days and cool nights!  September is right around the corner so e-mail or call us today to book your last minute summer vacation in the Boundary Waters Wilderness.  There are still permits left for August and September for those of you who are interested in seeing the Boundary Waters in the fall... great fishing and a wonderful scenery await you.  If you're quiet enough you might even be able to see a moose or two for yourself!