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Friday, April 28, 2017

Summer will be here SOON!

Hi everyone!

Myself (Brittney), Nate, Deb, and Dave are back on-site on Seagull Lake and have been working hard to prepare Seagull Outfitters for the 2017 paddle season! We've got a lot of work ahead of us, but we're looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces within the next few weeks :)

Ice officially went out of Seagull Bay on April 14, 2017- but we've had quite a blast of cold air the past week. Lows are in the 20s and our bay has begun to freeze again. Roads are slick- the combination of snow and sleek has caused quick a stir for Gunflint travelers. Not good! Crossing our fingers that warm temps will appear next week. We're eager to get guests out on the water!

We've hired ten staff total for our 2017 season. Deb hired me year-round in January as the Guest Services Manager and I'll be working for my fourth summer at Seagull, Nate will be returning to aid with the outside logistics/tows for his third summer, and Alex will be returning to assist me with the office/routing work for his second summer. We're welcoming seven bright personalities to our staff- please say hello to Rachel, Jaken, Sam, Liz, Tucker, Ian, and Max when you arrive! We're very excited to start working with them.

We've been busy promoting our NEW online reservation form for 2017 reservations at It's very simple... fill out your contact information, trip details, and make your deposit online before submission. Once approved, you receive an email confirmation with your trip details! Painless, easy, and available 24/7!

Make a note that the Minnesota Fishing Opener is on May 13, 2017! We are happy to open our cabins on May 12th to accommodate early fishermen. Good luck this year! Get excited!

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More later! Sending all our best wishes.
The Seagull Canoe Outfitters Team