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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Books are Here!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been receiving our book orders for the store one box at a time. This year we have brought back the favorites, stocked up on the popular, and brought in the up-in-coming.
Here are our top picks!

For Fishing...

The New Boundary Waters and Quetico Fishing Guide

Micheal Furtman did a great job at updating his 1984 fishing guide to include all of the new information to be shared, including fishing information on the Quetico. This is the best and most comprehensive writing you will find on the fishing in this area.

For Wildlife...

Wildflowers of the Boundary Waters
This was a hard choice as it could go in so many different directions. The books about plants and animals in the Boundary Waters are numerous... Anyways, this is a new book that we just got in this year. The photos are gorgeous and the text is engaging. If you ever wondered about all those flowers that you've seen on the trail, here is finally a way for you to learn about them.

For Food...

Taste of the Gunflint Trail
This book is writen by the women of the Gunflint Trail. They got together to pass down their very best local recipies. You can't beat those time-tested, hearty meals of the area. And to put a cherry on top of an already great book, our very own Deb Mark is featured on a few pages.

If you're interested in hearing more check out our website at
And don't forget we do mail order. Hope you get a chance to read some of these great books...

Monday, June 21, 2010

With Great Weather, Comes Great Fishing

With the beautiful weather, it is evident that it is the first day of summer today! The rain has finally held back for a few days and allowed the sun to shine through! With the gorgeous weather, many people are booking upcoming trips and the off the road crowd has increased as well.

The cabins have been consistently full all season and are reporting back to us with a great word on fishing in both Seagull Lake and Saganaga Lake. Customers entering into the Boundary Waters and Quetico have also reported back with good word and great pictures.

With all the rain we've had, it has definitely stirred up the bug population. The bugs haven't been too bad thus far in the season but with the beautiful weather they might start appearing more!

Cabins are still available for the Grand Opening of the new Chik Wauk Museum and Nature Center! Book now before your opportunity to be one of the first to view the museum slips away!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chik Wauk Museum Grand Opening

The Grand Opening of the new Chik Wauk Museum and Nature Center is arriving rapidly!

The Gunflint Trail Historical Society will house a museum, to open on July 4th in 2010. The doors are opening at 11AM. The Chik-Wauk Museum will tell the story of the people of the Gunflint Trail. On the grounds surrounding the museum, there will be interpretive trails, wildflower displays and bird watching opportunities.

The museum will include many historical artifacts, photos and stories of the Voyageurs, Native Americans, miners, and local residents.

Seagull Outfitters is offering great package deals for cabins of opening weekend!

Please check out our Chik Wauk page on our website! These available cabins will be filling up fast!

Another great reason to head up to the end of the Gunflint Trail! Please be in touch if you are interested in the Grand Opening! Chik Wauk should be a great Museum and Historical Center, don't miss your opportunity to be one of the first to view it!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

There is More to Seagull Than Just Fishing

A cabin of ours, Davene Wolfe, who is still currently here with her husband, has had quite the trip here already and she just arrived on Saturday. She wanted to share the following:

"We arrived Saturday noon for our 6th visit to Seagull Outfitters on the Gunflint Trail. The fishing on Seagull Lake is outstanding. It is now Monday noon and the fish count stand at:

-1 Walleye
-1 Lake Trout
-11 Northern Pike
-50 Small Mouth Bass

However, I am not a fisherperson. I am the bow of the boat watcher for rocks, the net/hook untangler and the ballast. Least you think that I am hopelessly bored, these are the things that I'm observed since Satuday noon, sine I was not fishing.

Bird watching was especially busy, 2 Adult Mallards, 13 Ducklings, 12 Adult Loons, 2 Chicks, 1 Adult Eagle, 2 Eaglets, 1 Immature Eagle, 1 Golden Eye, Canada Geese, 1 Blue Jay, Gulls, 3 Red Bellied Woodpeckers, 1 Pileated Woodpecker, Purple Finches, Warblers ( I can't identify them very well), many more that I could not get my binoculars on or did not recognize. The bird watching at Seagull is Limitless.

On a 45 minute stroll around the Seagull Outfitters Camp, I saw more that a dozen species of wildflowers, Spring Beauties, Anemones, Fleabane, Devil's Paint Brush, Bluebead Lilly, Bird's Foot, Columbine, Wild Rose, Buttercups, Marsh Marigolds, Purple Peas, Meadow Rue, and others that I did not know.

I am always looking for native wildlife and so far I've seen 13 Turtles, 2 Ground Squirrels, 3 Chipmunks, 1 Beaver, 1 Snake, 1 Frog, and 1 Luna Moth. Isn't that great?

Lastly I am an avid reader of Minnesota's great mystery writers, historical non-fiction and cookbooks---Bumbleberry pie anyone?

Aside from the great fishing, outstanding equipment, accommodations and natural beauty, the best part of Seagull is returning home from the last fishing run of the evening to the snug and cozy cabin, watching the vermillion/crimson sunset reflected on the water and being sung to sleep by the loons' chitter and calls.

I am not a fisherperson but I love Seagull!"

Thank you Davene for a great blog! Hopefully she is able to add to that list throughout the rest of the week! Hopefully if you aren't the fishing type you can find a different passion for being up here such as this!