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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fishing Opener

Fishing opener was a success for trout fishermen! Boy, oh boy! Trout are at an average of about 15' right now. Many people have told us stories how they were able to sit in camp and just watch them swim around near shore. A majority of the customers claim to have been using a variety of Sutton Spoons and Swedish Pimples. Bass and Northern have been active as well. We have heard a variety of tackle and live bait being used to catch both of these. Walleye, as always, enjoy making a challenge for everyone. They are biting, just not as frequently as we would all like! Matt's son managed to catch a beautiful walleye out on Saganaga!

With the early ice out this year and the warm temperatures we've had throughout the past few months we weren't sure exactly what to expect. Fishing always presents a variety of challenges to overcome... that's the glory of it!